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Even Celebrities Must Provide Work Comp

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You may have seen the recent article in which noted comedic actress Tina Fey was fined for not carrying proper workers compensation insurance.

Work Comp is not only required by state laws, it is also an important protection for your company. Our family of companies provides many solutions to not only meeting the legal requirements but also managing the risk associated with employees. Learn more about our Workers’ Comp solutions from INVO PEO on our website: 

A Unique Approach

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INVO PEO is our Professional Employer Organization (PEO). INVO PEO has developed a unique approach to our offering of services to our clients with our connection to servicing the insurance industry.

We are developing a strong set of services anchored around the notion of protecting your investment within the PEO relationship. Not only are you offered the efficiencies that accompany co-employment, the risk management, and employer-related risk reduction, you get a team of highly experienced insurance professionals to review all of your risk factors.

By understanding exactly where your company is positioned, our team works closely with you to determine how best to protect that position which allows you the freedom to grow your business.

Contact INVO PEO for more information.

Tennessee Reinstates Unemployment Benefit for Dependent Children

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(INVO PEO) The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development on Friday announced that the state will continue to provide additional unemployment benefits to eligible claimants with dependent children through Dec. 31.

The department announced its intention to end the benefits based on state legislation that was passed earlier this year as a result of one-time federal funding that was no longer available. The U.S. Department of Labor’s (USDOL) State Conformity and Compliance team previously gave the state guidance that ending the additional dependent benefits would not affect other funds but now says that ending the additional benefits would risk the loss of funds paying for extended federal benefits called Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC). Continuing the additional benefit for approximately 12,000 claimants keeps another 22,000 Tennesseans from immediately losing their federal unemployment benefits.

In 2009, Tennessee received one-time federal funds in the amount of $141,808,031 as an incentive grant under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to strengthen the rapidly depleting Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund. As a result, beginning in 2010, eligible unemployment insurance claimants supporting minor children began receiving an additional allowance to their weekly unemployment benefit amount.

At the end of December 2013 the Federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation program will expire.


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