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INVO PEO Cares: Community Outreach School Supplies Drive

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Boys & Girls Club back to school Drive

We at INVO PEO are combining our new tradition of team building with a new community outreach initiative to benefit the Boys & Girls Club by collecting school supplies to help students prepare for the upcoming year. Over the next 3 weeks, the INVO PEO staff will be broken into teams and encouraged to bring in different school supplies items.

Boys and Girls Club Drive

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July 14th, 2016

Good Morning Everybody!


INVO PEO has made team building and community outreach a priority, and we are very excited to announce our newest initiative! Starting Monday, we will be partnering with The Boys and Girls Club in an effort to provide school supplies to children in need.

More Updates coming Soon!

Appalachian Underwriters Employees Set to Participate in Habitat for Humanity Blitz Build

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About 20 Appalachian Underwriters Inc., employees will join a Habitat for Humanity blitz build in Knoxville on Saturday, April 11. The blitz build, where volunteers stand exterior walls, build interior walls, and set the roof trusses, decking and felt, will take place at 300 Beaman Street in Knoxville. AUI employees will be among the more than 500 volunteers working on the build.

“We share in Habitat for Humanity’s belief that every person should have a decent, safe and affordable place to live,” said Bill Arowood, president of Appalachian Underwriters, Inc. “I’m proud of our employees for giving of themselves and putting a little sweat equity into ensuring someone has a nice home.”

Federal Flood Insurance Sees Rate Increase

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As of April 1, 2015, new rates went into effect under the National Flood Insurance Program. This increase mainly impacts those in high-risk areas with rates up as much as 25%. All insured will see new surcharges of $25 for primary homes and $250 for second homes.

“It’s important to note that your standard homeowners policy does not cover flood damage,” said Bill Arowood, president of Oak Ridge-based Appalachian Underwrtiers Inc. “You must obtain additional coverage for these types of losses.”

According to the federal flood insurance program, the average premium is $650 a year. For most of the low-risk areas of East Tennessee, this premium is significantly lower.

This increase in rates to the federal program is in response to several major disasters in the past decade. Congress passed two acts in the past couple of years to make adjustments to this program. The first initiated the rate increases. The second eased the burden of the increase on low- to middle-income families.

If you are unsure of your flood insurance coverage, it is always a good idea to review your homeowners policy each year at renewal to make necessary adjustments.

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Appalachian Underwriters Hosts Successful Animal Adoption Event

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Staff at the City of Oak Ridge Animal Shelter say the corporate adoption event held at Appalachian Underwriters on Tuesday, March 31, was their most successful ever.

“The animals were adopted so quickly shelter staff had to make a run to get more and then shut down early,” said Bill Arowood, president of Appalachian Underwriters. Four animals — three cats and a dog — now have forever homes thanks to the generous and caring hearts of our team members.”

Shelter staff brought animals in need of adoption to the Appalachian Underwriters courtyard picnic area for two hours on Monday. Employees had the opportunity to adopt a pet for a reduced fee of $55 (regular $110), which includes spay/neuter, microchip, booster vaccines, rabies vaccine, a dose of Frontline flea and tick repellant, a dose of dewormer and a nail trim.

In addition to the adoptions, five other animals at the shelter were sponsored for others to adopt. Food, litter and other items needed by the shelter were donated as well.

Protect Your Home and Business From the Aftermath of Winter Storm Octavia

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The Appalachian region is bracing for winter storm Octavia, which is bringing with it a wintry mix of freezing rain, sleet and snow. Many homeowners may feel powerless against the wrath of Mother Nature, but Bill Arowood, president of Appalachian Underwriters, Inc., says there are things homeowners can do after the storm passes to protect their homes from damage.

“First, everyone needs to know that standard homeowners or business insurance policies cover a wide range of winter-related disasters such as burst pipes, ice dams, wind damage, leaky roofs, and building collapse caused by the weight of ice or snow,” Arowood said. He adds that coverage for backup of sewers and drains also is available. Flood damage is excluded from most standard policies.

Arowood recommends homeowners do the following to prevent damage from the melting snow and from future storms:

  • Keep your home warm. The temperature in the home should be at least 65 degrees to prevent pipes from freezing.
  • Watch for snow accumulation on the leeward (downwind) side of a higher-level roof, where blowing snow will collect. For safe removal that won’t damage your roof, consult a roofing contractor for a referral.
  • Snow or rain that freezes in gutters can cause an “ice dam,” damaging ceilings as melting ice spreads under roof shingles. Keep gutters clean of leaves and debris to prevent this condition.
  • Remove branches that become heavy with snow and icicles hanging from gutters and over walkways.
  • As snow melts, water can back-up sewers and drains resulting in flooding. Local government officials should be notified if street drains are clogged.
  • Stock up on fuel in case of a power outage, such as firewood or propane if you have a back up heat source.

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INVO PEO Helps Meet Business and Personal Insurance Needs

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INVO PEO partners with a retail insurance agency, Madison Insurance Group (MIG), to provide our clients with all their business needs. MIG can also provide personal lines of insurance for the business owners and its employees.

“Under the umbrella of our INVO PEO flagship, MIG is our retail operation that offers policies ranging from Personal Auto to Professional Liability,” said Bill Arowood, president of INVO PEO.

MIG operates nationally, but acts locally by offering personalized services designed specifically for the individual client. Some of our industry specific programs offered through MIG include Staffing, Trucking, and General Contractors.

Commercial Lines
Professional Liability
Business Owner’s Package
Commercial Auto
Commercial Umbrella
Inland Marine / Builder’s Risk
Liquor Liability
General Liability

Personal Lines
Renter’s Insurance
Boat & RV

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ETCH Donation Drive Already Successful

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The team at Appalachian Underwriters, Inc. (AUI) is hard at work collecting items for East Tennessee Children’s Hospital this month. AUI chose the hospital as their Valentine and is holding donation drive through Friday, February 27.

“The generosity of these employees is amazing and humbling,” said Bill Arowood, president of AUI. “It’s obvious to me that this donation drive has touched our hearts.”

Items being collected include: Short- and long-sleeved onesies for ages 0-3 months and 3-6 months; new or used clean clothing from birth to 3T, especially sweatpants, shorts and T-shirts; coloring books and crayons; and DVDs rates PG or PG-13 for teens and older children.

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